Thursday, May 5, 2016

Maison Rouge VSOP

Bottle: Maison Rouge VSOP
Date: May 5, 2016
Location: Patrick's house
Price: $25

Points Aroma Taste
Saro 8 7.5
Armik 7 7
Gagik 8 8
Pat 8 7.5
Emil 9 6
AVG 8 7.2
VPP Index $3.12 $3.47

It was Thursday May 5 and time for another tasting session at Mr. Alexander’s. Patrick had bought us a bottle he had had heard about from this Cognac enthusiast in a YouTube video. This bottle instantly hit the spots with everyone and earned very high marks all around! Everyone agreed that this was the bottle to have stocked at home.

The highlight of the evening wasn’t the Cognac though!!!
An unfortunate accident that had landed one of our elderly in the hospital started a conversation on a sad note. Flash forward 30 years, we all imagined our own assisted living arrangements and this is where Armik painted his masterpiece.
Very impressed with the arrangement provided to his grandmother at Ararat nursing home, he made the case that we all should plan on going there early and have tasting sessions on daily basis after paying off the nurses. As far as availability and time, given the fact that some might be luckier than others with respect to their better halves, generally speaking it is not going be an issue.
We discussed buying a barrel of Cognac so it can age to a fine spirit by that time because buying quality Cognac on social security check is going to be difficult. A quick calculation revealed it will only produce 270 bottles so we decided on 2 barrels to be on the safe side.
Arin will have to pay daily visits to his brother for the first few years because he is going to miss him so much.

All and all, it was another memorable night with the company of great people whom we have the privilege to call friends.