Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why Cognac is so “Expensive”

Why Cognac is so “Expensive”: Have you ever walked through your favourite liquor store and noticed the cognac seems to be, ahem -  a little on the expensive side?  Did you ever wonder if this extra cost was worth it.  Perhaps reading the following might put your mind at rest. So, let's get to the number crunch.  For example, the  production cost of a litre of vodka is around €,0.90.  A liter of 12 year old whisky of 12 years is around €1.70.  And a liter of 3 year old cognac (a VS), bears a production cost of about €7.00!  Now that's a big difference.  But why is the cost of making a liter of cognac so different from that of other spirits?  Let's look at this in a bit more detail. Resource Probably the biggest factor for the relatively high cost of cognac is the cost of resources. Whisky and vodka are alcohol that's created from grain, and the cost of suc resources are really quite low.  Grain is produced in large quantities, are is not limited in the harvest quantity (whereas the grapes for cognac are in strictly

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hardy XO Rare

Oct 13, 2016 we get together at Shavo's house to taste Hardy XO Rare, with very interesting history and  rich taste.


Aroma VPP Index Value: $ 14.23
Taste VPP Index Value: $ 14.74

Bottle: Hardy XO Rare
Date: Oct 13, 2016
Location: Shavo's House
Price: $120